I didn’t die…

The next time I decide to start a blog at the end of my pregnancy, slap me.

I survived the crappy first few months of having a newborn and now I’m in the 4th month. LilV is now 4 1/2 months old and is quite the little character.

She is full of smiles, does great tummy time, scoots backwards and roles over… sometimes.

I’ll add some pictures and then we can keep going with the post.

Proud mama moment (hover over the picture for caption)


I want to say I’m thankful for how well she sleeps (almost a full night 9-4 and then 5-9) and she’s normally a happy baby now.

The past weekend, we had some family pictures done and I’m really happy they turned out nice. LilV was in a great mood for them.

I want to add that she’s smiling for me because Mr A is making her smile and she wouldn’t smile when he was holding her because she just kept giving me the “wtf mom” face.