Swaddle me, baby

I was so excited Sunday morning to see LilV sleeping big stretches. On Saturday night, we went to be around 11pm. She only woke up around 4am to eat, burp and be changed then slept until 9am. I’m not going to lie, when I woke up the second time, I checked to make sure she hadn’t died. I haven’t had more then a 2-3 hour stretch of sleep since before I had her.

Before we went to bed, I was pumping and reading posts about what happens after you have baby. (I followed her pregnancy calendar and enjoyed reading the weekly posts.) I stumbled on this post and figured it wouldn’t hurt to attempt swaddling. We’d given up, like her because LilV would just kick and Houdini out without 10-15 minutes. I figured she didn’t like it and I stopped when we came home from the hospital. It never dawned to me that she’s been curls up in my stomach for 9 months and her movements could wake her up.

HOWEVER, swaddling didn’t help me last night. I was excited to go to sleep last night so I could swaddle her and prove that the night before wasn’t a fluke, I was mistaken. I think I slept 2-3 hours last night. No magical 4-5 hour stretches for us. She fought harder then ever to get out of the blanker we used. The only reason I can see that we had a great night Saturday was that Mr A kept her entertained and awake during the day. Yesterday was more relaxed and we slacked on keeping her awake.

I’m going to try harder to keep her day naps shorter so she can sleep better tonight. Wish me luck.

I also wanted to share this post because I’ve had nights where all LilV has done is scream and it’s not our fault as parents. The baby doesn’t know what it wants either.


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