I dont want to be crushed and ripped apart at the same time…

So I’m in labor. Lucky me gets to feel it all in my back, thighs and hips. It’s like being crushed and ripped apart at the same time.

About 12 hours into contractions that last about 1 minute and about 5-10 minutes in between them. I went to Labor and Delivery this morning and was sent home with some pain meds because I wasn’t really dilated. I will probably have to make my way back for more because it’s starting to hurt again.

A friend predicted today would be the day from last Saturday when I went for the walk. Next time I need to predict a date, I’m going to ask him for a date that isn’t a week (or more) late. Hahaha.

I also noticed that if She does come today, it will be the 7th month and 7th day. Too bad we are not 2017. I don’t want her to wait 2 years to come out. It would be fun to be a bunch of 7s. Lucky # 7.

I’m noticing that I’m rambling so I’m gonna leave it at this. Send some good vibes my way to an easy delivery. I’m going to need it..


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