Man, am I ever over encumbered…

It’s official. I’m passed my “due date” according to myself (June 29) and my doctor (July1).

I woke up yesterday with CRAZY swelling in my hands. I auto-piloted to the bathroom for the 34896239584761246785th pee of the night and remember sitting, staring at my hands, wondering who’s hands they were. After about 45 minutes, the swelling went away and L&D told me that because it went away and I don’t have anything else going on, it wasn’t Pre-E. How nice.

The swelling came and went all day but dropped to my feet. We (Myself and my wonderful boyfriend) attempted a drive to the beach because it was nice out, I was wearing a dress and I just wanted to walk in the sand before I became a apartment hermit for the rest of the summer. He saw my feet 40 minutes into our drive and made the decision to turn around in case they kept swelling and i had to get something cut off.  No one wants to loose a limb, or a toe…

My stomach is so tight, laughing, coughing, sneezing, yawning hurts. I swear I have 7 babies in there but it’s only 1. I can’t imagine having multiples.  (You guys don’t see whats goes on in my brain… but I’m having a pause because I forgot where I was going with this…)

I have been enjoying this week because he has been on vacation so I’ve had someone else to talk to during the day other then my 2 cats and the baby in my belly. We haven’t done a lot but I’m enjoying his company and the twosome before we become a family. We sit on the couch and I watch him play Fallout New Vegas. I lay on him and play Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. ALSO, this baby will only make the appearance next week when he is back to work… If she doesn’t come out with a mop of ginger curls, she will be a mini me with the ginger hidden inside (Sorry future significant others).

Lets leave this post with a few pictures (because I forgot to add some to the last post, like I said i would… Prego brain is a thing, right?)

memes bubbles n shit Jesus, take the wheel shit myself titties for dessert toes are not piggies water is just fine


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