Damn you, tiny prego bladder…

I have my 39 week appointment in about 2 hours. (YAY! The end is near!) I haven’t been sleeping very will the last few nights. Between stressing about giving birth, cooking and freezing food, crafting up a storm to finish the nursery, I’m starting to feel burnt out. My dreams have been bouncing between not having any progress going on to going in and being at 7-8 and it becomes too late for an epidural. I found out my mom was half-frozen when she had me because they checked her and she was 4-5-ish and 10 minutes later, she was at 9-10 and they stopped it. Mind you, it was 26 years ago… but still. Another fear for this First Time Mom..

While surfing Facebook to pass some time, I stumbled on a post full of memes. It was great and I was a little worried I might laugh the baby right out. I made it about 20 pictures in while gasping and laughing and snorting and holding my tight stretched stomach. I’ll admit it. I peed a little. Then I laughed some more and slowly waddled to the bathroom to clean up. I plan to go back and save these memes to a folder on my computer (I named the folder “Beware, you might pee…”) once I catch my breath.

I was about to post a few of the pictures that made me laugh the most but I noticed the time and I have so much to get done before this appointment.

To be continued…


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